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ზედ წერეთელზე პანთეონის პირდაპირ 30ლა592..02-55-03 ID:5d3ea48d3ba65

წერეთლის55..მეტრო; Didube; Tbilisi;


58 m2


2 სააბაზანო


1 ოთახი


2 საძინებელი

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TATA For rent on Tsereteli Didube's panteonis directly on the 7th floor, 592..02-55-03 (weretlis metrostan axlos) with furniture and appliances, cable TV and internet via WiFi, central heating, air conditioning, washing machine, refrigerator, clean linen, towels, vessels and more Needed item. The apartment is clean. The starting price is 30 GEL from day to day (from the evening up to 50 GEL for 2 persons) .4 laris per person .... 592..02-55-03..It is possible to write sms, vibier..katuna .... I have other apartments ..... 592..02-55-03

Type: Flat

Floor: 7

Condition: Newly built